Amazon Planning to Release 3D smartphone in 2013, WSJ reports

10 May

Rumors and discussions of an Amazon smartphone are surfacing yet again. According to a recent report from Wall Street Journal, the e-commerce giant is planning to release two unnamed mobile devices this year to go along with a “wide-ranging lineup” of new gadgets. One of these is currently speculated to be a “high-end” smartphone that will supposedly feature unique retina tracking functions as well as a “glasses-free” 3D display.

The way Amazon would go about implementing and promoting the 3D feature–which, unlike the Nintendo 3DS’s, is said to be viewable in different angles–would be particularly interesting to see. Since its introduction into the mainstream, the technology has never really managed to hit it off with consumers, whether it is in the area of movies, television, or gaming. The inclusion of a 3D feature in smartphones, moreover, has also been attempted before with LG’s Optimus 3D, and that apparently did not go anywhere. Considering its limited appeal, chances are that Amazon’s rumored 3D display will end up being a “gimmick” feature more than anything else.

In addition to releasing smartphones, Amazon is currently rumored to also be developing an audio-streaming device and a TV set-top box prototype that will be based off of Amazon’s ecosystem.The e-commerce company has yet to provide an official response to any of the speculations.

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