Rumor: Retina iPad Won’t Hit the Market until at least Q4

20 May


Aside from the seventh iteration of the iPhone, what many loyal Apple followers are undoubtedly looking forward to seeing are the next iPad and iPad mini devices. Based on the recent information provided to Trendinsider, the iPad mini 2 is currently being delayed to the fourth quarter of 2013, whereas the iPad 5 is set to be released at some point during the third quarter.

The above information is derived mostly from sources close to Apple’s LED backlight manufacturers. At the moment, both the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 are expected to feature LED component structures that are noticeably different from those of their predecessors.

iPad 5 to utilize a single-light bar design, feature two-chip LED package

From generation to generation, the large, 9.7 inch iPads have displayed an interesting tendency to switch between different LED light-bar designs. The first two iPads, to illustrate, went from using a dual light bar design (iPad 1) to a form factor relying on a single light bar (iPad 2). Upon the eventual inclusion of the retina display component, both the third and fourth iPads have opted for the dual format so that the display’s overall brightness can be effectively maintained.

For the iPad 5, the LED backlighting system is said to be reverting back to the “single” light bar design and will likely equip a total of 76 individual dies (38 pairs). With regard to the other components and design specs, the device is confirmed to be using GF2 technology and will feature the thin bezel frames akin to those of the iPad mini. Component shipment is expected to take place as early as during July 2013. The finished product is said to be ready for launch in the following months.

iPad mini 2 likely to resort to double LED chip structure, see a later release

Given its economical size and inherently thin design, it is unlikely that the new iPad mini device will have any room to fit the extra LED light-bar necessary to support retina display. One way Apple might get around this issue is to increase the number of LEDs dies within the device, using the same LED chip structure as that of the Retina MacBook Pro.

With the 7.9-inch displays not expected to make their way into Apple’s assembly plants until October (according to what our sources are telling us), the quickest that the iPad mini 2 can be expected to hit the market is during the Christmas shopping season. In the worst case scenario, the tablet will be delayed into the first quarter of 2014.

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