Galaxy S4 Not Performing as Well as Expected? Rumored Shipment Adjustment Figures Surface

3 Jun


According to supply chain sources close to Trendinsider, Samsung’s momentum in the smartphone realm might not be going as smoothly as anticipated: Despite gaining reasonable traction with consumers early on, and in spite of the 10 million sales accumulated during a single month, a number of speculations have emerged claiming that the Galaxy S4 isn’t necessarily living up to the original standards set by the Korean company.

A clearer picture of Samsung’s alleged struggles can be seen in the waning shipment figures recently unveiled by Technews: During mid-March, the Taiwanese tech website made the notable claim that the Korean company would be shipping a total of 45 million Galaxy S4s by the end of Q2. Since then, a series of noticeable revisions had  been spotted from Samsung’s internal division: the S4’s Q2 shipment target allegedly slipped down by 10 million units during April (ending at approximately 35 million units), whereas in May, Samsung is claimed to have reduced the overall target by another 5 million units. On the basis of these changes, Technews estimated that the Korean giant would ship only a total of 12 million S4 units by the end of May. For June and July, the S4 shipment numbers are projected to be at 8 Million units and 10 Million units, respectively.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Shipment Estimates

As with any product that is constantly surrounded by insurmountable hype, the Galaxy S4 is at the risk of not being able meet every consumer’s expectations; rumors of disappointment regarding the device’s “plastic” feel, overloaded software, and wireless-connection problems, for instance, have emerged ever since the device hit the market. Reportedly, there’d also been some complaints directed towards the exynos 5 octo chip, which some contend isn’t quite as “power efficient” as the S600 processor  used in the North American version of the S4. A comparison test of the two chips’ endurance levels has recently been carried out by GSMarena, as can be seen in the diagram below. In the test, the exynos 5 chip can be seen losing to the Snapdragon 600 in various key areas, including “talk time,” “web browsing,” and “video playback.”



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