RUMOR UPDATE: Apple to Pass on Sapphire-based Home Button for Now?

4 Jun


Our inside sources have recently revealed that Apple might not be planning to use sapphires for the newest iPhones’ home or volume control buttons.

The news is based on the sapphire glasses that are currently being shipped around Apple’s supply chain; despite there being approximately two to three different sizes, none appear to correspond with the measurements of Apple’s ubiquitous home button component. More likely than not, the sturdy crystalline material will end up being used exclusively on the new iPhones’—as well as the new iPad’s—camera lens. An interesting rumor that has been circulating around lately claims it is possible that both the front and back cameras will have the protective sapphire layering.

The new Apple products currently believed to be in line for upcoming announcements include the much discussed iPhone 5S, the budget, “low cost” iPhone, and the new 9.7 inch iPad 5.

How the 5S’s home button will end up being implemented, and whether it will actually feature NFC technology, will be particularly interesting to see. Word has it that we will be able to find out as soon as during June 10th, 2013, when Apple opens its annual developers conference (WWDC 2013). In the meantime, we will be keeping up with our supply chain sources for more information on the iPhone’s camera lens, processing chips, and other hardware components.

UPDATE: According to the sample pictures shown by our sources, the (supposed) prototype sapphire-button is a curved shaped, circular piece with an unknown component attached to the bottom; It appears that technological limitations and high manufacturing cost are what’s keeping the sapphire-based button from showing up in the upcoming 2013 iPhones. The said component can be expected to make its debut during 2014.

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