iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 Delayed, Reports Citibank

10 Jun


The iPhone 5S and new iPad mini may experience release delays following the reported shortage of various key components, according to a recent report from Citi research analyst Glen Yeung.

The key components that are currently believed to be on short supply are the “retina” display panels; Due to the issues involved in getting a proper hold of these components (which some believe has to do with the technological limitations of making retina panels thinner), Apple is said to be pushing the second iPad mini’s release date back to the third or fourth quarter of this year. At the very latest, Yeung expects the product’s announcement to take place in early 2014, which is also when the 4.8 inch iPhone 6 is expected to be introduced.

For the iPhone 5S, the current speculation is that problems in the supply chain are causing unnecessary holdups in the production stage. Because of this, Yeung noted in his report that the release of the new iPhone model will probably be delayed by at least “2 to 4 weeks” from the originally intended schedule (3Q13).

The three other new Apple products expected to be released by the end of the year include the iPad 5, whose form factor is said to be largely inspired by the iPad mini’s design, the “low cost” iPhone, which various sources claim is in production and could be released as soon as during the second half of 2013, and the iWatch.

The rumored Apple iTV remains the only highly anticipated Apple product whose status is still largely unknown at this point.

Here is Yeung’s original statement on the above mentioned products (as originally quoted on CNNMoney):

“…expect negative revisions to Apple’s 2H13 iPhone build forecast that, if realized, could result in flattish y/y unit growth (including low-cost iPhone). A modest delay in iPhone 5S production (underscoring our concerns about Apple’s ability to execute) is contributing to this view. Meanwhile, a push-out of iPad Mini Retina leaves emphasis on the lower-priced Mini 2, pressuring ASPs and underscoring our concerns about Apple’s GM. To be sure, the supply chain is ready for iWatch production, making it look increasingly likely for 2H13, although iTV remains elusive (we do not expect meaningful revenue contribution for iWatch in 2013). In light of our findings, we find it difficult to side with the bulls at this time and, despite valuation, we expect Apple to remain in a range around our $430 PT.”

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