A Number of Key Statistics from WWDC 2013

11 Jun

Tim Cook

The generally positive reaction to WWDC 2013 is, in some ways, a testament to Apple’s uncanny ability to generate excitement even in the  worst of times: its innovative drought. Among the new products unveiled throughout the company’s developer conference, the key highlights worthy of mentioning include the revamped iOS 7, the new and improved MacBook Air, the next Mac OS X software (known as “Maverick”), and the future Mac Pro device. Various other critical updates –for instance, the interconnected version of iWork, a Mac-compatible iBook app, iTunes Radio—were also announced during the conference.

In case anyone missed them, below is an overview of the key statistics and percentage figures that were extensively talked about following  Tim Cook’s enthusiastic keynote presentation:

Growing Mac/MacBook usage. Mac devices, according to Cook, have so far accumulated 72 million installations, beating PCs in terms of yearly growth in the past five years, and growing at a tremendously rapid pace. At present, Mac computers and Macbooks remain the top selling computing devices in the US’s desktop and notebook markets, respectively.

OS X vs. Windows 8: Mountain Lion (OS X) is revealed to have sold nearly 28 million copies since it debuted in 2012, with an adoption rate of approximately 35% in the first six months. Windows 8 usage, by comparison, was significantly less impressive, growing by only 8% during the same period.

iOS gains stronger foothold in the platform market. The total number of iOS devices that have been sold so far is 600 million units; as of this moment, an estimated 93% of the iOS users are said to be using the latest iOS 6 software (in contrast to the 33% of the Android users who are currently using the newest version of Android).

Growing app presence: The Apple app store, which has nearly 900 thousand apps, has managed to accumulate a total of 575 million user accounts in 2013. Around 375 thousand apps are said to be designed specifically for the iPad device.

Rise of the developers: Over 6 million software developers have been recruited by Apple so far (1.5 million joined in 2012). The Cupertino company is said to have invested a near total of $US 10 billion in these talented individuals.

Increased presence in the physical realm: Apple stores, which number to 407, attracts an average of 1 million visitors a day. That number is expected to grow substantially should Apple’s quest to overtake emerging markets continue.

A few other interesting details:

-The tickets for the WWDC 2013 event sold out within 71 seconds. Attendees from a total of 66 countries have turned up at the event.

A total of 260 thousand tweets were accumulated during the duration of the event. According to Jennifer Van Grove of CNET, 90% of the tweeted messages turned out to be positive.

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