Twitter Mapping Data Reveals a Series of Notable Trends

22 Jun


An interesting visual diagram created by Mapbox shows the locations where smartphone twitter users have been “tweeting” from over the past few years. Here are some of the most notable findings, based on what the mapping data has revealed*:

  • iPhones are used very extensively in the US, particularly in wealthy urban areas such as Washington, Los Angeles and New York.
  • The use of Android-powered devices, while widespread, tends to be more heavily concentrated in the low to middle income regions. (In the US, for instance, a lot of the Android device usage are spotted in the suburban areas).
  • Blackberry is still very popular in regions such as Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Jakarta is one of the major cities in which Blackberry devices are most heavily used.
  • The presence of iPhones appears to be weak in Europe when compared to that of Android devices. This appears to be most evident in Spain, where little, if any, signs of iPhone usage can be spotted.

The original map diagrams can be viewed in the following link:

*Note: The types of smartphones used are represented on the map in different colors, including red (iPhone), green (Android), and purple (Blackberry).

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