Apple, Samsung Show Improved Rankings on Fortune’s Top 500 Companies List

10 Jul

Fortune’s annual “Top 500 companies” list has been released recently, revealing a series of interesting signs and changes. Here are a few notable highlights:

  • The top spots on the list, much like last year, belong to oil and petroleum companies; Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobile, Sinopec Group, and China National Petroleum have all managed to squeeze into the top five this year. The other notable players currently include BP (6th place), Total (10th), Chevron (11th), and ENI (17th).
  • Apple, respectfully, holds the 19th spot, and of all the 500 major companies picked out by Fortune, it has the second highest profit (41.7 billion USD). As various market observers have keenly pointed out, much of the success enjoyed by the Cupertino company is attributable to its impressive iPhone sales as well as the largely successful iPad mini. Its dominance in the US markets, along with the increased presence in emerging countries, are also contributing factors.
  • Due in large part to the record breaking shipment of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones (the S3 and S4 in particular) and the general consistency with which they are being sold to consumers, Samsung has managed to move from the No. 20 spot in 2012 to No. 14 this year. The company’s total revenue has accumulated to approximately $176 billion USD so far, which is noticeably higher than the figures posted by Apple during the same period ($156 billion USD).
  • A notable portion of Fortune’s top organizations are companies working within the boundaries of the rapidly growing mobile device industry; Other than obvious big names such as Apple and Samsung, both of which are in the top 20, companies like Foxconn and Sony have managed to make it into the top 100, whereas US Telecom providers such as AT&T and Verizon are among the top 50 on Fortune’s list.
  • The negative impact experienced by the PC market is reflected in the status changes of HP and IBM; Once dominant forces in the personal computing field, both companies saw their rankings decline by a considerable amount this year.

The original “Fortune 500” list (2013) can be viewed here.

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