Marvell Introduces New SoC for Smart TV Market

2 Aug

Marvell has recently announced a unique System-on-Chip (SoC) –known as the “ARMADA 1500 mini”—that will be intended specifically for smart TV applications and mobile devices.


As indicated in the company’s latest press release, the 1500-mini has been specially designed so that it would be energy efficient and capable of performing hardware-demanding tasks; Its major benefits–of which there are many– include the ability to effectively process high quality video content and sound, maintain strong Wi-Fi connectivity across different devices, and support well-known DRN solutions such as Widevine and Playready.

At the business end, Marvell’s new product has been seen as a legitimate difference maker for the online streaming and smart TV market, where platforms such as Youtube and Netflix have become extremely popular. One early indication of how Marvell’s ARMADA 1500 mini can potentially become mainstream can be seen in Google’s hype inducing “Chromecast,”  a TV dongo capable of streaming high quality web videos to a TV screen via smartphones and tablets.Various future low-power applications will be set to feature the company’s SoC in the event that its market becomes more mature and widespread.

Weili Dai, CEO and founder of Marvell, made the following optimistic statement regarding Google, the adoption of ARMADA 1500 mini, and the state of the TV market:

“I am very excited to see the brilliance of the tiny and beautiful Chromecast. I believe this is truly a game-changing solution to drive the new era of the ‘Connected Lifestyle’ by enabling easy access to online entertainment for an immersive, interactive multi-screen experience across any smartphone, tablet, laptop and big screen. I am very proud of Google’s leadership in driving the ecosystem partners to deliver more powerful and very affordable solutions to serve the world of consumers for better lives2013 has been a phenomenal year for bringing online entertainment to TV. “

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