Next Nexus-brand Smartphone to be built by Motorola?

12 Aug

Based on the recent reports from Phone Arena and Technews, Motorola is likely to become the next candidate to develop as well as promote Google’s upcoming—though yet to be confirmed—Nexus smartphone. If true, this would make the company the fourth major smartphone manufacturer—following LG, HTC, and Samsung—to work on a Nexus-branded device. Speculations of a Nexus 4 successor have been circulating for some time, although it’s only recently that the rumor intensity has strengthened. Taylor Winberly, a renowned tech market observer and owner of the famous AndroidandMe blog, made a number of memorable references to the new Nexus smartphone just last week, suggesting that the device may be released as soon as Q4 of 2013 and that it would not, as some people initially believed, feature the Motorola branding. The high attention currently received by the new Moto X—along with the slew of positive critical reviews that followed— has been perceived to be evidence that Motorola will eventually assert itself within the increasingly crowded mobile space. On top of its market potential, it makes sense, too, that the mobile company would be asked to make major hardware devices for Google, given the hefty sum of money that was reportedly spent on its acquisition. Despite not being considered for the Nexus 4 successor, LG is rumored to be involved in making a different Nexus-branded device that will be based on its G2 smartphone. Worth mentioning also is the fact that ASUS, rather than Samsung, could be taking over the future responsibilities for producing the next round of  Nexus 10 tablets. BestBuy has recently leaked a product listing pointing to the increased production tasks being handed over to the Taiwanese company.

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