Survey: Chinese Consumers Willing to Pay up to 4000 RMB for iPhone 5C

22 Aug


Apple’s soon-to-be-unveiled iPhone 5C may end up having a larger than expected audience in China, where more and more consumers are beginning to reveal an interest in purchasing mid-to-high end mobile devices.

In a recent survey conducted by AlphaWise on 2000 Chinese consumers, a good portion of the respondents revealed a willingness to pay up to as much as $4000 RMB—or $486 USD— for Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone. That is about equivalent to the prices of the previous generation iPhones (when they were first released in China), 1000 RMB lower than what the current iPhone 5 sells for, and 22% higher than the average price range ($399 USD) that the analysts were expecting for the iPhone 5C.

Interestingly, during the entire time AlphaWise’s respondents were being surveyed, relatively little information had been divulged on the low-cost iPhone, and domestically made high-end models priced in the range of 2000 RMB were widely available in the smartphone market. The fact that the average Chinese consumer is willing to pay as much as $500 USD for an alleged low-to-mid range iPhone is indicative of China’s growing interest in the Apple brand as well as the success of Apple’s marketing campaign in the Chinese regions. (As a side, in a recent survey conducted by Avanti on Chinese consumers, the iPhone was also revealed to be reasonably popular, with a brand loyalty rating that beats out those of Samsung as well as other local brands).

When asked about how much they would be willing to pay for the other smartphone choices available, the Chinese respondents appear to be slightly less enthusiastic; The generally “acceptable” price range for Samsung’s Galaxy S4 mini is around 2600 RMB to 3800 RMB in the survey; For the HTC One mini, consumers were apparently willing to only accept 2000 RMB to 3000 RMB.

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