CIRP: iPhone Customer Loyalty Still Higher than Android

26 Aug


iPhone users are by far more likely to stick with their existing smartphone brand than Android users, the latest CIRP research indicates.

Among the surveyed iOS users contemplating buying another smartphone, more than 80 % –from the period of July 2012 to June 2013–have ended up purchasing an iPhone device. A remarkable 20 % of the existing Android smartphone users, meanwhile, switched from using Android to iOS during the same period.

With regard to the Android respondents, the overall percentage of those choosing to stay with their platform is approximately 68%, which is impressive but still notably lower than Apple’s. Among those who switched from the other smartphone ecosystems to Android, only 7 % are revealed to be iPhone users.

iOS’s noticeably strong lead in the area of brand loyalty, as CIRP’s co-founder Josh Lowitz explained to All Things D, can be attributed to two factors: the Android platform’s overwhelming fragmentation and the sheer number of different Android smartphones in the market. The latter issue is currently perceived to be relatively difficult to change, given the rising number of low to mid-end smartphone manufacturers and the ease at which the Android platform can be incorporated and used in any smartphone device.

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