Samsung Readying Smartwatch for September, Apple’s to be released in 2014?

28 Aug


As indicated in a recent article from The Korean Times, Samsung will be getting ready to unveil its “Galaxy Gear” smartwatch in the “Unpacked” media event on September 4th; Not much has been revealed about the timepiece other than the fact that it will not be featuring a flexible display and that it could be designed to be compatible with Android. The Korean giant’s decision to release a wearable device–as recently confirmed by its by its mobile division vice executive, Lee Young-hee– is said to be inspired by the expansion of the wearable computing market as well as the popularity of products such as Pebble’s smartwatch, Nike’s FuelBand, and Google Glass.

Speculations of Apple’s much anticipated“iWatch” device, to be sure, are gaining a lot of steam as well. Recent reports from Appleinsider and Macrumors claim that the Cupertino company may ship as many as 63.4 million iWatch units in 2H14, and that the retail price of the smartwatch will fall between $149 USD and $229 USD. Wang Wanli, an analyst from CIMB Securities, anticipates $199 USD to be the “sweet spot” price for the iWatch device.

Rumors currently point to Inventec, a Taiwan-based manufacturer, as the company responsible for producing the Cupertino company’s smartwatch. The Taiwanese company is reported by various sources to have already received 60% of the production orders from Apple.

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