More iPhone 5C Speculation Surfaces, Potential Retail Price Re-Assessed

2 Sep


Perhaps the iPhone 5C won’t come “cheap” after all. According to a recent report from Computerworld, analysts from various parts of the tech community are making upward revisions to their previously set price estimates for Apple’s so-called “budget” iPhone. Sameer Singh (an analyst from and Ben Thompson (of Streatchery blog) have both raised their pricing expectations from $399 USD up to approximately $450 USD. The rationale behind the upward adjustments, as has been mentioned by Computerworld and Technews, appears to be mostly related to Apple’s intention to maintain high profit margins and desire to protect its brand image.

If Apple does  in fact choose to release the 5C model at $400 USD or under (which, given the rise of notable low-cost manufacturers in emerging markets, is not unlikely), it would not be unreasonable to expect the company to employ a radically different form of strategy against its rivals. Interestingly, neither Singh nor Thompson are convinced resorting to a “low” pricing scheme will benefit Apple, due in large part to the company’s absence of any pricing advantage in the low end sector and its lack of a firm low-cost consumer base. As Singh points out, Apple will also not be willing to risk losing revenue by pricing its products like its Android competitors.

The iPhone 5C, along with its much more expensive sibling, the iPhone 5S, is currently expected to show up at a special Apple media event on September 10, where their retail prices are likely to be announced. At the moment, the unsubsidized iPhone 4S and 4 are priced at approximately  $550 USD  and $450 USD, respectively (the subsidized versions are $99 USD and $0 USD). The iPhone 5, on the other hand, costs around $650 USD  to purchase when subsidized, and $199 USD when unsubsidized.

Those who simply can’t wait to get a glimpse of the iPhone 5C can check out the recently leaked video released by Appleinsider, which shows off a number of web browsing capabilities on the new device. The latest gallery featuring the instruction manual and outer packages of the iPhone 5C –the pink version– is also worth a look, and can be found at

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