Xiaomi Entering the TV field? Speculations and Implications

4 Sep


Having already made significant strides in the realm of mobile devices, Xiaomi, the Chinese company behind the widely successful “Small Rice” and “Red Rice” smartphones, appears poised to not only extend its consumer reach, but also to tackle a wider variety of product lines. Evidence for the latter development can reportedly be spotted in the September 5 event invitation, where it is hinted that the company will be releasing a Xiaomi smartphone successor as well as an intuitive smart TV device.

The “Xiaomi TV”–should the company’s TV be so named–would be a clever choice of a product, and could undoubtedly serve as a perfect companion to the existing Xiaomi Box, a media receiver that was originally released in November 2012 to compete with the likes of Apple TV, Boxee and Roku. Though the subsequent plans for the Xiaomi TV line is still largely unconfirmed at this point, Technews and sources close to Trendinsider suggest that the company’s smart TV will eventually be released in multiple versions, and that each would begin to feature its own set of dimensions and hardware specs.

The specific smart TV that is expected to show up in Xiaomi’s September 5 event is currently speculated to include the following: a 1080 p resolution (on a 47-inch display made with LG Display’s IPS panel), 4GB of RAM, an Android-based software platform/interface (MIUI), and 8GB storage. The processor, while unknown for now, is rumored to be powerful enough to perform multiple tasks and to enable a start up time of as little as 19.8 seconds.

All of Xiaomi’s future TV products, in the event that tradition follows, are likely to be charged at affordable prices, much like Xiaomi’s high performance smartphones. Other than price, a feature that is also expected to attract many customers is the TV’s software platform, which according to our sources, is designed to allow for a seamless integration of multiple online media platforms (both paid and free) and to foster the creation of an “iTunes”-like ecosystem.

Xiaomi’s greatest challengers, in the periods following the eventual release of its smart TV, will be Samsung, TCL, and LG—all of which enjoy a relatively high degree of visibility in the global TV marketplace. Seeing as how the Xiaomi box had been criticized before for its lack of available content, enhancing the multimedia experience for consumers will be a critical area where the company would need to improve in.

A supposedly leaked picture of the company’s smart TV can be seen below (picture courtesy of Technews).


The original September 5 invite:


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