More New iPad Predictions Surfaces, iPad mini 2 May Feature Retina Display

5 Sep

Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst known for a positive track record when it comes to all things Apple, has developed a number more interesting insights on what to expect from the newest iPad devices. Here are some of the more noteworthy predictions from his recent analytical report:

  • Kuo believes both the fifth generation iPad and iPad mini 2 will be unveiled before the end of this year and released shortly after their announcement. The earlier than expected release, the analyst notes, is attributable to the increasing competition in the market as well as the desire to maintain consumer interest
  • Contrary to what some previous rumors have suggested, the iPad mini 2 is expected to come with retina display. A low cost, non-retina version of the iPad mini is said to also be in the works, and may be unveiled at some point during 2014.
  • Both new iPad models (the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2) will be featuring Apple’s much improved A7X processor, which is speculated to be significantly quicker than the previous generation chips and much more power efficient. The A6 processor –currently used in devices like the iPad 4– is currently said to be reserved for the low priced version of the iPad mini.
  • In order to enable compatibility with China Mobile, Kuo believes TDD-LTE technology will be supported by all of the upcoming iPad models

Kuo’s 2013 shipment breakdown for each individual iPad model (old and new) is reproduced below. Notice that the iPad 2’s production is predicted to continue while the iPad 4’s production will apparently stop by Q4:


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