A Brief Look at the iPhone 5S’s and iPhone 5C’s Storage Capacities

6 Sep

Assuming nothing out of the ordinary happens on September 10, we should be able to see Apple’s two new smartphone models—the iPhone 5S and 5C—revealed alongside one another. Sources close to Trendinsider, among various other news sites, have recently initiated an interesting discussion on the possible storage options for the two anticipated iPhone models.

During the early days of the iPhone’s release, many will remember that Apple offered consumers not only an 8 GB and 16 GB option, but also a smaller, slightly cheaper 4 GB model. Things changed slightly when the Cupertino giant released its second generation iPhone (the iPhone 3G), during which the 4 GB model had been discarded in favor of only 2 standard sizes –8 GB and 16 GB. The 32 GB option as well as the 64 GB option would make an appearance in the following years as the third generation and fourth generation iPhones were introduced.

Apple notably unveiled its 128 GB iPad early this January, following what appeared to be an increased consumer demand for storage capacity as well as lowered NAND Flash component costs. Though nothing concrete had been confirmed on Apple’s part, it became obvious at the time that a storage capacity of the said magnitude would at least be made available in some of the future Apple products.

Through the confirmation with various of the industry’s notable upstream suppliers, we have learned that the iPhone 5S will feature the following four storage options: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. This is the most number of choices that has ever been offered by any iPhone product.

For the budget iPhone 5C, the 16 GB and 32 GB versions have been confirmed, although a debate is still going on regarding whether the lowest storage capacity would be 8 GB. Trendinsider believes it is relatively likely that Apple will forgo the 8 GB storage option, given the storage size’s gradual lack of appeal and its inability to satisfy most of today’s media-related demands. A 64 GB version of the 5C, in addition, is also unlikely to appear as Apple would still need to mark a boundary between its high end smartphones and low end smartphones.

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