WSJ: Apple Experimenting with Large displays for Potential iPhone, But Won’t Release One Anytime Soon

6 Sep

picture: gizmodo

Despite claims suggesting otherwise, it would appear the folks at Apple are in fact serious about releasing an iPhone with a larger screen. Citing anonymous sources with close knowledge of the matter, a recent Wall Street Journal article claimed that the testings of a few “large” prototypes are already underway and that the future iPhone display may eventually be expanded to as large as 4.8 inches or 6 inches. Apple is currently reported to be interested in the former size (the 4.8 inch option), although nothing official has been confirmed at this point. The mass production phase–along with the eventual product release– isn’t expected until at least 2014.

Speculations of Apple’s large iPhones plans, according to Macrumors, first circulated around February, and resurfaced again in July. Whatever it is that the Cupertino giant will do (it may opt for a Galaxy Note-like product line, for all we know), there’s little question that more and more consumers these days are developing an increased appetite for large mobile devices. In a recent study, IDC notably suggested that phablets will one day contribute to the lowered shipment of tablets. The other type of product that is expected to lead to this outcome, interestingly, is wearable computers.

The original WSJ article can be seen here.

The abovementioned IDC report.

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