iPhone 5S has more durable body than 5C

23 Sep


The iPhone 5S’s superiority over the 5C appears to extend beyond its internal specs. In a recent “crash” test performed by the tech website, Android Authority, the two new iPhones were dropped from the chest level to see how well they fare against external damages. The 5S, perhaps not too surprisingly, managed to hold up relatively well when dropped on all sides, showing only minor scuffs and damages around the edges. The lower end, plastic iPhone 5C, by comparison, showed no dents whatsoever when dropped on its back, but suffered major front damages (see picture above) when dropped face down. The two new iPhone devices, reportedly, were still able to function properly even after falling onto the ground multiple times,.

To see the two iPhones’ crash test in action, check out Android Authority’s original video here.

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