Apple’s New iPhone Sales Break Expectations Yet again, Surpasses Samsung’s Record

24 Sep

picture: businessinsider

Nervous Apple shareholders will be happy to know that the iPhones have yet to lose any of their momentum within the market. In an official press statement released by the Cupertino company on Monday, the weekend sales of Apple’s two new smartphones –the iPhone 5S and 5C– are revealed to have reached a grand total of 9 million units. That is a lot more than not just the iPhone 5’s debut weekend figures (approximately 5 million), but also those of all of the Galaxy S II, III, and IV smartphones combined. The 5S’s and 5C’s sales total, notably, also managed to exceed the expectations of various market analysts, many of whom expected the numbers to fall within the range of 5 to 7 million units.

Despite the surprising nature of the 5S’s and 5C’s overwhelming popularity, the factors contributing to their better than expected sales are not particularly difficult to pinpoint. As opposed to the iPhone 5, which debuted in only 9 countries, both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C debuted in 11 –with one of the new additions being Apple’s most sought after market, China. In addition to its decision to add a couple of new “launch” markets, the Cupertino company has also managed this time around to include in its new iPhones a much more compelling set of features, among these the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, 64-bit A7 processor (which is proven to be significantly faster than most quad core CPUs on the market), and motion based M7 chip. The introduction of the gold/champagne color option for the 5S, it should be noted, also turned out to be a great difference maker for Apple, as is evidenced by the popular demand for the model in countries such as China and the company’s recent decision to increase its supplies by 30%.

Apple’s original press statement, with all the original details and statistics, can be seen here.

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