BlackBerry’s Downfall Captured in Comscore’s Recent Chart

25 Sep


An interesting graph from Comscore (published in the Washington Post recently and brought to attention by BGR) illustrates the downward path Blackberry has been stuck in since January 2005. The company’s eroding US market shares, which is shown on the chart to have shrunken almost immediately from 2010 to 2012, is certainly not a pretty sight to look at, and can mostly be attributed to factors such as the explosion of touch-based smartphone devices (a trend which arguably killed the “QWERTY” smartphone format), the growing numbers of affordable Android mobile alternatives, Apple’s and Samsung’s unflinching dominance in the market, and the alleged issues suffered by Blackberry within its own organization (as summarized in an anonymous employee complaint letter previously published on BGR). The struggling Canada-based company, as if matters couldn’t get any worse, also can’t seem to get a decent break lately: Following the news of the 40% workforce layoffs that will supposedly take effect in 2014 and the announcement of a worse than expected quarterly performance, the company’s shares were observed to have plunged by as much as 17%. Major mobile carriers, for instance T-Mobile, are also reportedly dropping the brand due to its underwhelming sales performance in the US.

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