OCZ Introduces New and Improved Enterprise Level SSDs

25 Sep

OCZ has on Wednesday announced a new and improved SATA III SSD series (New Deneva 2) that is known to utilize 19 nanometer NAND Flash and is capable of handling a wide array of storage tasks, including those intended for enterprise and business-type settings.

The new SSD models’ most noteworthy features, as suggested in OCZ’s recent press release statement, include a designed-from-scratch power architecture –which enables server back plane functionality to be optimized– and the ability to effectively manage in-rush currents and power fluctuations. Thanks to the possession of these qualities, all of OCZ’s new SSD products are able to offer superior storage performance, reliability, and quality, and, above all else, deliver “excellent total cost of ownership for its consumers.”

As far as the products’ internal specs are concerned, one particularly crucial aspect of the new SSDs that is worth mentioning here is their LSI SandForce SF 2281 chips. The strength of the said processors, according to OCZ, lies not only in their support of impressive read and write speeds (550 MB/s and 520 MB/s, respectively), but also in their ability to ensure a consistently stable file transfer and boot up performance and to maintain power consumption at low levels.

The new Deneva 2 series are currently offered in a choice of different storage options, including 120 GB (Model D2CSTK251M3T 0120), 240 GB (Model D2CSTK251M3T 0240) and 480 GB (Model D2CSTK251M3T 0480).

To receive more details on OCZ’s new SSD product line, visit their official website here.

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