Samsung Galaxy S5 to Feature Metal Casing? (Updated)

25 Sep

According to a recent article from the Taipei Times, Samsung might start to follow the footsteps of Apple and HTC and begin applying aluminum casings to its future smartphones. Citing sources from Barclays and other parts of the industry, the news publication suggests that the Korean giant has already sought out Catchers, a Taiwan-based component manufacturer, for the metal casing orders, and that the order allocation of as many as 10 to 30 million casings will be confirmed by the first quarter of next year.

Samsung is known to be the only “top five” hardware brand that has yet to adopt metal casings in its smartphones, according to Taipei Times. The company’s most recent handset, the Galaxy S IV, received high marks for both its hardware and software specs, but was ultimately criticized for its cheap, “plastic” feel.

It will be interesting to see how much, or whether, the use of metal casings will affect the new Galaxy smartphone’s future pricing strategy. Nothing concrete, of course, has been confirmed from Samsung or any other relevant parties, so all of this should still be taken with a huge grain of salt.


The ETNews is now reporting that Samsung is indeed serious about releasing a “metal” phone, and that it will likely be a part of an entirely new product line called “Galaxy F.”

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