iPhone 5c Discounts Continuing throughout various US retail stores

7 Oct

Speculations are currently mounting that the iPhone 5c is not doing well, and for a good reason. Early last week, both Best Buy and Radio Shack announced that they would be slashing the price of the 5c (on contract) to approximately $50 USD, which is about half of what the device costs in an official Apple store. Walmart, staying true to its low price reputation, is now following suit by offering the budget iPhone for as little as $45 USD.

The iPhone 5c is obviously not expected to surpass the 5s in terms of popularity, nor has it been viewed as an immediate winner since its release. The reasons for the lack of enthusiasm are not exactly hard to pinpoint: the device is essentially an iPhone 5 repackaged in a different colored shell (with only a few minor internal tweaks), and its price is also not much cheaper than the 5s’s (the 16GB on contract 5c and 5s is $99 USD and $199 USD, respectively).

Last week, rumors have emerged indicating that the 5c accounted for only around 20%-30% of the 9 million new iPhone units sold during their weekend debut.

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