Mini smartphones not faring well in the market?

10 Oct


A recent report from Digitimes suggests that the “mini” smartphone lines from major smartphone manufacturers aren’t necessarily performing up to standards in the market.

According to “industry sources” close to the sometimes-reliable news publication, neither Samsung nor HTC are managing to reap any benefit from the slow and lackluster sales of their “mini” flagship devices. The situation is implied to be bad enough to prompt both smartphone makers to make serious adjustments to their marketing efforts as well as to consider “revamping” their entire product development strategy.

As of this moment, the underwhelming performances of the aforementioned smartphone “minis” can be attributed to various notable factors. The retail price of the HTC One mini, to begin with, is not much cheaper than that of its larger sibling, a drawback which gives consumers little, if any, incentive to give the smaller device any serious consideration (unless, of course, small smartphones happen to be their thing). Hardware and software specs are another critical element that can easily sway consumer opinion: the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is allegedly criticized by many for not only being too expensive, but also for forgoing numerous of the essential features and components that make the original Galaxy S4 impressive.

Whether the other smartphone manufacturers will rethink their “mini” smartphone strategies as larger handhelds grow in popularity remains to be seen. Sony is mentioned by various sources to be still interested in releasing a mini smartphone device (confirmed to be called “Sony Xperia Z1 f”), although it will reportedly avoid HTC’s and Samsung’s pitfalls by having the device retain the majority of the Z1’s key features. indicated recently that the “Z1 f” will continue to use the Snapdragon 800 chip and the 20MP camera that were used in the Xperia Z1.

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