China Telecom Cuts iPhone 5s’s price by 10%

11 Oct

It appears the iPhone 5c isn’t the only new iPhone getting the price cut treatment in China. A recent article from renowned Taiwan-based tech blog,, indicates that China Telecom has now cut the 16 GB iPhone 5s’s subsidized price from $5288 RMB down to approximately $4988 RMB. The discounted iPhone 5s is still relatively expensive compared to the handsets from Xiaomi, Huawei, and other local manufacturers, although that isn’t expected to prevent Apple’s loyal China fan base–which has shown noticeable growth over the years–from taking advantage of the price cut.

Interestingly, the discount applies only to the space gray and silver editions of the iPhone 5s. The gold version, which is reported to be on short supply and has proven to be an extremely popular color choice in Asia, will still cost $5288 RMB.

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