A Brief Look at LG’s Curved Smartphone

14 Oct


Not to be outdone by Samsung, which released official pictures of its Galaxy Round last week, LG has unveiled today a series of “press renders” depicting what its curved smartphone —the “LG G Flex”—would look like. From what the images show, the device will assume a body that is curved from top to bottom (rather than from left to right), and will sport a large sized display that reportedly measures up to 6 inches. While little else is currently known about the “LG G Flex,” industry sources seem to agree that the product’s official announcement will take place in November.

LG, interestingly, is currently said to be also making efforts to initiate the mass production of its flexible OLED parts, a development which The Next Web suggest will allow more and more manufacturers to take advantage of the technology.

For those who still haven’t yet caught on to the hype surrounding curved display smartphones and what they can do, make sure to check out Samsung’s “Galaxy Round” gallery and video here.

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