iPad mini 2 to be a slightly thicker and heavier device?

15 Oct

The iPad mini 2, which many believe will feature retina display, may be slightly thicker than its predecessor, according to various sources.

In a recent Hong Kong trade show (Chinese Sourcing Fair 2013), Macotakara observed that a good number of iPad case manufacturers have begun adjusting the size of the protective covers intended for Apple’s new tablets. The internal area of the covers intended for the iPad mini 2, in particular, is said to have increased slightly to accommodate the growth in the new device’s overall thickness, which has risen from 7.2 mm to 7.5 mm, according to the manufacturer sources interviewed by Macotakara.

The slight thickness increase is currently attributed to the possible use of a larger battery component that would be needed to support the miniature tablet’s heightened resolution. The third generation iPad, it’s worth mentioning, underwent a similar “size” adjustment back then when Apple decided to incorporate in it the retina display feature.

Along with the allegedly thinner and smaller iPad 5, the iPad mini 2 is expected to be announced at a special Apple event on October 22, 2013.

Pictures of the protective casings spotted by Macotakara can be seen here.

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