Customers of Top US Carriers “Most Satisfied” with Apple and Samsung Smartphones

18 Oct

Both Apple and Samsung have legitimate reasons to be excited about their future status in the US smartphone market. According to a wireless smartphone satisfaction survey conducted by JD Power between February and August 2013, the satisfaction with Apple’s iPhones is highest among AT&T and Verizon’s customers. Samsung, meanwhile, is revealed to have the most satisfied customers at the US’s two other major telecom carriers: Sprint and T-Mobile.

Since JD Power’s study accounts for neither T-Mobile’s recent decision to carry the iPhones nor the September launch of Apple’s latest 5s and 5c handsets, the above satisfaction rankings will arguably look a lot different now than it’d been in the past. In the periods that follow September, it would be interesting to see whether the Cupertino giant can successfully pull away from Samsung as well as make a series of noticeable dents on T-Mobile’s existing customer base.

The two US mobile carriers where Apple turned out to be the most popular currently account for more than 60% of the US’s telecom service subscribers (approximately 226 million people, according to Gigaom), which is a good sign for the Cupertino giant. A recent report also revealed Apple’s iPhone 5s to be a top seller at all of the aforementioned US carriers.

The official customer satisfaction survey results from JD Power can be seen here.

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