Get More Battery Life with the Newest OSX Mavericks

27 Oct

For those stuck with an old MacBook pro or Air who’re jealous of the newer models’ impressive battery performances, there is now an easy way to extend battery life by almost an extra hour or two: install OS X Mavericks.

John Siracusa, an Apple product reviewer of the website, Ars Technica, recently found that upgrading to OS X Mavericks from Mountain Lion –or any other older Mac software, for that matter– yields tremendous improvements in battery performance. The most recent Haswell-based Macbook Air gets almost four additional hours on a single charge when OS X Mavericks is installed, whereas the 2007 MacBook Pro’s battery life is extended by nearly 25% (going from 3.15 hours to approximately 3.93 hours). A visual representation of the before-and-after differences can be seen more clearly in the diagram below.


picture credit: Ars Technica

OS X Mavericks, first released on October 22nd, is currently available at no cost to anyone owning a Mac computer device. In addition to better power management, a host of other software-specific improvements, for example, multiple displays, tags, and better tab functionality, have also been received favorably by the critics.

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