Study: iPhone 5c Adopted at an Increasing Rate in the US, Not as Popular in Germany

30 Oct

picture credit: mashable

The future of the iPhone 5c, along with its present sales performance, might not be as unpromising as many suspected it to be, according to a recent study conducted by Localytics. In examining 40 million unique iPhone devices around the world from the period of September 20 to October 25 and breaking the data down based on the type of model used, the research firm discovered that the “budget” iPhone is not only gaining more traction on a global basis, it is also performing noticeably well in countries such as France and the US. In the latter country, the iPhone 5c is said to be especially popular and accounts for approximately one third of all the “active new” iPhones devices. Germany and, interestingly, China, both seem to value the iPhone 5s a lot more than the 5c.

A visual diagram showing the differences in the adoption rates of the 5s and 5c can be seen below. Click here for Localytic’s original press release.



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