Tablet growth rising, Apple not benefiting as much as Samsung

1 Nov

Though Apple is still an undisputed market leader when it comes to tablet shipments, other competitors are quickly catching up. A recent report released by IDC revealed that Apple’s worldwide iPad shipments have stalled in Q3 and grew by only 0.6% YoY (moving from 14 million units in 3Q12 to 14.1 million units in 3Q13). Samsung, meanwhile, saw its tablet shipments rise from a mere 4.3 million units in 3Q12 up to approximately 5.3 million this year, which is an increase of 123%.

Other Android-based tablets–including those from non-traditional tablet manufacturers–showed equally promising growth. Lenovo’s Q3 shipments, for example, rose by an astounding 420% YoY, giving it an improved worldwide market share of 4.8% (up from 3Q12’s 1.1%). Acer, similarly, exhibited a 346% growth YoY, and saw its global tablet market share jump to 2.5% in Q3.

White box branded tablet vendors—along with Amazon, HP, Microsoft, and Dell— together shipped a total of 16.8 million tablets during the third quarter and account for roughly 35% of the global market.

The original table from IDC featuring the Q3 tablet shipment statistics has been included below:



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