Report: Upgrading to OS X Mavericks may cause data loss in certain storage products

3 Nov

If you’ve just upgraded to OS X Mavericks on a Mac device, be sure to refrain from connecting it to any external storage products from Western Digital. A series of reports and complaints have surfaced recently indicating problems of accessing the said brand’s storage data after switching to Apple’s latest operating system. In its official statement, Western Digital claimed that the problem is likely caused by the use of software applications such WD system manager, WD repaid manager, and WD smartware, and urged its customers to delay upgrading to OS X Mavericks before a proper solution is found.

A host of similar issues appears to also be plaguing users of external thunderbolt drives and eSATA Express cards, according to David Morgenstern of ZDNet.

Apple has yet to provide an official response to the abovementioned problems.

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