A few possible upgrades to expect in the iPhone 6

5 Nov

The iPhone 6 will likely offer a lot more than just a noticeably bigger display, according to various reports. Patently Apple, a website known for covering the technologies used in Apple products, reported recently that SK Hynix has managed to create its first advanced 6-gigabit chip with low power DDR3, and claimed that the Korean company is already beginning to deliver samples to its clients. The chip’s maximum supported speed is currently said to be in the range of 7.4 GB/s to 14.8 GB/s, depending on the chip’s internal settings and the kind of channel system used.

Whether or not Apple would choose to upgrade its future iPhone’s RAM using SK Hynix’s 6Gb chip would be interesting to see. As has been pointed out by iPhoneinformer and IBT, the reason why the Cupertino giant has been holding off using more than 1GB of RAM —even after updating its chip with an impressive 64-bit architecture— is that doing so would put a noticeable strain on its products’ battery life. SK Hynix appears to be confident that the potential of its newly developed memory solution and technology could eventually turn things around and get tech giants like Apple to change their minds.

“By applying a finer 20-nanometer processing technology, we developed the high-end memory chip to be used in value-added mobile devices. The chip consumes less power and has an expanded data storage capacity,” SK Hynix mentioned in its official statement.

In addition to providing a much more powerful processing capability, the other possible improvements one can expect to see in the future iPhone include solar charging panels –a feature that is hinted at by a recently unveiled patent— and a stronger, more scratch-resistant sapphire display. Rumors pertaining to the latter have gained a lot of traction lately following reports of Apple’s and GTAT’s decision to open a sapphire manufacturing plant in Arizona.

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