The Flop that is the Galaxy Gear: Only 50,000 Units Sold since September (Updated)

19 Nov

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is not off to a hot start, apparently. According to a recent report from BusinessKorea, the Korean giant managed to sell only 50,000 units of the wearable device since its debut in September. This is not only lower than what Samsung originally had in mind, but also “far below the initial expectations of the industry,” which numerous news sources suggest was not very high to begin with.

Taking a closer look at the device, it isn’t difficult to see where the wearable gadget failed. The Galaxy Gear is bulkier than any watch should be, has a price tag that is borderline unreasonable ($299), isn’t compatible with any non-Samsung devices (or enough Samsung devices, for that matter), and only lasts a day on a single charge. Many of the tech reviewers who’ve had a chance to play with Samsung’s smart watch also aren’t very impressed, criticizing it for its lack of features, awkwardness, and unfinished feel.

“Ideally, a smartwatch is supposed to free you from the shackles of smartphone over-reliance, all without leaving you disconnected from the digital world,” Christina Bonnington of Wired mentioned in her first-impressions review. “For now, that promise remains unfulfilled.”

Brent Rose of Gizmodo appears to agree with Bonnington as well as the disappointed consumers worldwide, stating: “The real problem is that the Gear just doesn’t do much yet, and what it does, it doesn’t do very well.”

UPDATE 11/19/2013:  In an official statement, Samsung insisted that it actually managed to sell 800,000 units of the Galaxy Gear, and claimed that its smartwatch is the “most sold” wearable device in the market. Some are quick to point out, however, that the Korean giant might actually be referring to the numbers of Galaxy Gears “shipped” to retailers rather than “sold” to consumers.

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