Ruckus Wireless’s Smartcell Insight: A Convenient Application for Businesses

1 Dec

The act of collecting online user information and using them for business purposes is nothing new— Web giants such as Google and Facebook, for instance, collect information on us all the time for purposes such as advertising. But there are other more legitimate ways of gaining access to user-centric data. Ruckus Wireless, a company specializing in wireless technology as well as telecommunication services, has recently designed a convenient, relatively less intrusive solution for utilizing wireless user information, known as “SmartCell Insight.”

An Ideal Analytical Tool for Mobile Carriers 

SmartCell Insight mainly uses Wi-fi applications to analyze user-based information such as website preferences and data transfers, and gives its clients the opportunity of applying them for appropriate business use. Contrary to systems that provide limited data reports or accumulates data on a day-to-day basis, Ruckus’s more intuitive method makes important use of big data technology and columnar storage solutions, both of which facilitates the process of collecting, saving, and processing massive amounts of information.

Through the integration of the technologies mentioned above, clients of Ruckus are able to access and evaluate annually collected Wi-Fi data more effectively. This in turn allows for better trend-based analysis to be carried out as well as proper business assessments and decisions to be made. In the meantime, to avoid legal issues, the collected information may also be adjusted in accordance with the regulatory requirements specific to different countries, and in turn be preserved for as many as five to seven years.

With regard to the area of target customer base, even though SmartCell Insight is technically intended for telecommunication providers, Ruckus Wireless has stressed that its Wi-Fi solution can also be helpful to other organizations, including general business companies and academic institutions. The product’s final “price” is suggested to be such that many appropriate institutions from relevant industries will be able to afford using it.

As of this moment, telecommunications providers from all over the world are already known to be performing mobile data research and applying them in areas such as business improvement and service optimization. While the existing data collection methods used may be similar to what SmartCell Insight offers, Ruckus maintains that its product will be capable of lowering any research related costs significantly. As such, the market potential of the company’s product is still relatively large, even for markets such as Taiwan.

Ruckus’s Smartcell Insight is currently scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2014.


Observing Ruckus Wireless’s Current Status, Future

Ever since 2004, Ruckus Wireless has made a point of emphasizing various of its major product development goals, including providing Wi-Fi stability, devising high performance wireless solutions, and maintaining an innovative edge in the wireless infrastructure market.

The company is currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and has managed to show respectable business growth over the years. As opposed to what may be expected of a relatively young tech organization, Ruckus appears to be heavily devoted to its long term technological development, with major R&D centers located in cities such as ShengZhen (China), Taipei (Taiwan), Bangalore (India), Sunnyvale (US), Netanya (Israel), and Beijing.

In Taiwan, Ruckus’s clients range from educational institutions to enterprise-level organizations. The company is currently said to be approaching a major telecomm provider in the country, and has reportedly engaged in various discussions concerning the application of its Wi-Fi technology.


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