iMac to be Equipped with SSDs in 2014, Resolution may reach 5K3K

7 Dec

The iMac can be said to be one of Apple’s most valued trademark products; even with the traditional desktop market being disrupted by Notebooks and tablets, the Cupertino giant remains adamant in its desire to continue the product line. In the recent periods, more and more rumors have emerged suggesting that the next series of iMacs will be equipped with SSDs, come in different sizes, and feature impressive resolution.

Apple’s iMac currently uses traditional hard disk drives and offers only two display-size options –27-inches and 21-inches. While the screen display itself is a fixed and non-customizable component, users wanting to use SSDs rather than traditional hard disks can choose to either replace their Mac’s HDDs with separate SSD components or opt for a SSD-HDD hybrid known as Fusion Drive. Considering how the MacBook Air and MacBook Pros have already switched to SSDs, it would not be a surprise to see the iMac eventually make the same transition.

On the positive end, equipping iMacs with SSDs will give rise to a host of noticeable benefits, among them better read and write speeds, expanded capacity, and increased operating efficiency. Unfortunately, the total costs incurred by Apple and consumers will also end up being unnecessarily high if the Cupertino company chooses to maintain at least 1TB of storage in its desktops. As such, in the near term, many believe the iMacs will either go for fusion-based SSDs or ordinary SSDs, and offer the typically more expensive large density SSD as a separate option to consumers.

Aside from directly equipping SSDs, Apple’s next line of iMacs are anticipated to also show changes in the areas of screen size and resolution. Speculation arising from Apple’s supply chain currently suggest that the new iMacs’ final resolution will range from 4K2K (2840×2160) to 5K3K (5760×3240). The presence of the latter option appears to be intended for  facilitating the editing of media with 4K2K+ resolution as well as recreating the type of momentum brought about by the retina display iOS Devices and MacBook Pro.

In addition to releasing the new 27-inch display iMac, speculation has it that a 23.8 inch version of the product is also in the works. As Apple traditionally only offers two display choices for its iMac consumers, the smaller, 21 inch option is likely to either be discarded completely or be reserved for niche markets like academic institutions.

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