Apple’s iOS 7 Becoming More Popular among iOS users, Adoption Rate Significantly Higher than Android Kit Kat

8 Dec

iOS 7 is now installed in nearly 74% of the Apple devices owned by consumers, a recent Apple developers report indicates. The increasingly more popular platform is trailed mostly by iOS 6, which is used in approximately 22% of all of Apple’s mobile devices, and the “earlier” versions of the operating system, whose combined share is 4%.

As a stark contrast to Apple’s iOS 7, Google’s newest Android platform, Kit Kat, is adopted in only 1.1% of the Android devices worldwide. The majority of Android’s users appears to still be using Jelly Bean 4.1 (37.4%), Ice Cream Sandwich (18.7%), and Gingerbread (24.1%), which is the internet giant’s second oldest operating system.

Despite having a massive Android user base, Google still needs to work hard on resolving its software fragmentation issues. The development of Google’s “Project Svelte,” a program that enables older Android hardware to be powered by Kit Kat, might help the internet giant improve the adoption rate situation, although it could still take a while before the new Android platform is able to attain the status of iOS 7.

With China Mobile recently agreeing to carry Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c, Apple’s updated platform can be expected to gain even more traction in the future periods.

The graphs illustrating the current user ratio of Apple’s and Google’s operating systems can be seen below.



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