New Samsung Patent Aims to Facilitate One-Hand Use of Future Galaxy Products

8 Dec

Future Samsung devices could be optimized for single-hand use, according to a recently unveiled Samsung patent. As suggested in the patent’s official description, the idea is to create a customizable “comfort zone” on the screen display that is easily within the thumb’s reach. This would be the area where all of a user’s favorite icons and apps are grouped, and where typical features such as a typing keyboard or media control panel can be accessed (see diagram below).

Samsung’s much praised phablet, Galaxy Note 3, also utilize a “single-hand usage” mode, although the execution is slightly less intuitive and practical. As Gigaom points out, the tweak merely shrinks the interface down to 3.5 inches, leaving out a huge amount of unused space that is neither useful nor attractive to look at.


By incorporating “comfort zone” technology into all of its future mobile interfaces, Samsung will on the one hand be able to enhance its products’ ease of use, and on the other extend the appeal of its larger handhelds to consumers who’re typically daunted by the inconveniences of using a phablet.

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