A Few Interesting Concept Images of Apple iTV

15 Dec

Apple’s iTV may be the least talked about rumored Apple product when compared to the iWatch, although that hasn’t stopped the tech community from coming up with theories as to what the potential television set will look like.

In combining the concepts of the iMac and a typical flat screen TV, Martin Hajek, a renowned 3D graphics designer with a reputation for depicting “concept images” of future iPhones and iPads, visualized Apple’s rumored TV as a large, curved screen monitor with either a gold or gray colored finish. The TV’s power switch, along with various of its key control buttons, are depicted as being placed at the back of the device, which makes sense considering Apple’s minimalist design tendencies and preference for subtlety.

A number of the more noteworthy pictures from Hajek’s web gallery has been reproduced below, for anyone who’s curious. For more, make sure to check out the designer’s official website here.

(Note: The release schedule for Apple’s rumored iTV is currently pushed from 2014 to 2015-2016; the delay, according to KGI Securities Ming Chi Kup, is due to the  challenges of integrating “TV content and service” and the costs of establishing a TV supply chain.)







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