Blackberry’s New Source of Hope: Foxconn

22 Dec

Blackberry may be having trouble rebounding in the market (as evidenced in its Quarter 3 earnings report), but that isn’t necessarily stopping the Canada based company from seeking help from legitimate sources.

As stated in a recent report from Gigaom, the company will now enter into a formal five year agreement with product assembling giant Foxconn, and attempt to repair its faltering status in the increasingly crowded smartphone and tablet industries.

“[The] partnership demonstrates BlackBerry’s commitment to the device market for the long-term and our determination to remain the innovation leader in secure end-to-end mobile solutions,” John Chen, Blackberrys current CEO, mentioned in an official statement.

“Partnering with Foxconn allows BlackBerry to focus on what we do best – iconic design, world-class security, software development and enterprise mobility management – while simultaneously addressing fast-growing markets leveraging Foxconn’s scale and efficiency that will allow us to compete more effectively,” Chen added.

Though the company’s exact plans have yet to be addressed, many believe Blackberry will focus more on budget devices and make a stronger push towards emerging markets in Southeast Asia. The company’s Blackberry gadgets are already known to be doing especially well in countries such as Indonesia, where the latest Z10 remains a popular item.

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