Apple to Work with Turkish Government on Ambitious Educational Project

24 Dec

Apple could begin to work with Turkey next year to initiate a $US 4 Billion deal involving education and iPads, according to a recent Turkish report from (cited by Appleinsider).

As indicated by the report, the project will introduce modern technology to various educational institutions throughout the country, and will reportedly involve the massive replacement of traditional classroom tools such as blackboards and textbooks.

The key to making all this work, interestingly, will be one of Apple’s most popular items: the iPad.

“The program’s initial phase calls for the acquisition of 10.6 million tablets and could be followed by another purchase of between 2 to 2.5 million iPads…In total, the initiative is scheduled to roll out over a four-year period and is expected to cost between $3 and $4 billion,” Appleinsider noted.

To work on the project, Apple CEO Tim Cook will reportedly travel to Turkey next year to meet with Turkish President Abdullah Gül. 2014 will also be the same year during which the Cupertino company’s first bricks and mortar store opens within the country.


(Note: The abovementioned Turkish government program, which is still in its development phase, is currently being identified as the FATIH project)

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