Numbers of “Selfies” Expected to Soar in 2014

24 Dec

There’s a good reason why the Oxford English Dictionary has chosen to declare the term “selfie” as the word of the year: with the huge surge in smartphones and other convenient mobile devices, more and more people are becoming infatuated with the idea of taking pictures of themselves in any given moment. These include famous people such as US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, pop stars like Beyonce and Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Chin of National Geographics, and even Pope Francis himself. According to AFI, internet search provider Yahoo predicts that a good number of an estimated 880 billion photos taken in 2014 will be a selfie. A survey conducted for Samsung in the UK, meanwhile, has found that 17 percent of men –along with 10 percent of women— take selfies because “they enjoy taking good-looking photos of themselves.”


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