HP to Make Potential Comeback in Smartphone Market?

25 Dec

HP might not be done with the smartphone business just yet. Citing a recent article from The Information, The Verge on Tuesday reported that the company plans to release new 6-7 inch smartphone devices by the end of this year, and claims that its new focus will be on emerging markets such as India, China, and the Philippines. The price of the new devices, when unsubsidized, will reportedly be between $200 USD and $250 USD.

Last year, rumors of an HP smartphone gained traction when HP’s CEO, Meg Whitman, told Fox Business that “we have to ultimately offer a smartphone because in many countries of the world that would be your first computing device.” However, the CEO would not confirm any specific dates, and later claimed that the company’s smartphone would more likely than not be reserved for the distant future.

The CEO’s original statement, published in The Verge on July 1, 2013,  has been reproduced below:

“We see tablets and smartphones becoming critical computing platforms and enablers of new set of applications and solutions for customers spanning large enterprise, small business and consumers. We will focus on enabling solutions for our commercial and consumer target markets. We see that bringing manageability, security and increasing level of productivity leveraging the new world of mobile devices. In the short to medium term, we will remain focused on high powered computing devices such as workstations to mobile productivity tools such as tablets. In the long term, we will look at the right approaches to enter the smartphone market as well.”

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