ABI: Samsung and Apple Continue to Dominate the Smartphone Industry

26 Dec

A recent competitive assessment carried out by market research firm ABI shows Samsung and Apple as being at the top of the smartphone industry, while Blackberry and Nokia are revealed to be in the third and fourth places, respectively.

The assessment was made using the research firm’s smartphone vendor matrix, which measures qualities such as implementation, workplace management solutions, partnerships, and business customer adoption. Apple, as many would expect, performed relatively well in each of the categories mentioned  above, but was surprisingly beaten by Samsung in one area: innovation.

As noted in the research finding:

“The vendor matrix score separating Samsung and Apple was less than a single point. Apple received extremely high marks in Implementation due to high iOS smartphone adoption by business users and because its smartphones are the most activated device within EMM/MDM platforms. Samsung, on the other hand, was ranked as more Innovative with a wider range of enterprise devices and better security features. Samsung’s higher Innovation scores lead to its number one ranking.”

The companies Blackberry and Nokia, interestingly, also received a few positive remarks despite their recent setbacks in the industry.

“BlackBerry and Nokia are battling for the number three spot in the enterprise mobility market,” ABI’s senior analyst, Jason McNicol, commented. BlackBerry has more enterprise mobility experience; however, Nokia now has the backing of Microsoft. Couple these advantages with the recent struggles by Apple and Samsung means that opportunity exists for BlackBerry and Nokia to gain market share and subsequently improve their ranking.”

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