Avegant to Release a Headphone Set that is also a Virtual Image Projector

29 Dec

Avegant’s Glyph, a headphone set scheduled to be unveiled at the upcoming Consumers Electronics Show, is more than just a pair of loudspeakers intended for playing music. According to the company’s product description, the headphones can also be used as a reality augmenting device capable of transferring optic images to the back of a user’s eyes.

As noted by Avegant:

“[The] Virtual Retinal Display uses a micromirror array and a combination of optics to reflect an image directly onto your retina, effectively using the back of your eyeball as a screen…The resulting picture is extremely sharp and vivid, unlike anything a conventional display can produce. In particular, the 3D images are exceptionally clear.”

As Glyph gains more and more attention from consumers, comparisons between the headphones and Google Glass will be inevitable. The lowest retail price for Glyph is currently set at $US 499, which is about a third of what the explorer version of Google Glass costs ($US 1500).


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