Spending too Much Time on iPads Detrimental to Children’s Learning?

29 Dec

The ease at which tablets can be used has been widely praised by educational institutions, some of which have begun to promote the devices as legitimate learning tools for children. But not everyone seems to be equally enthralled with the idea of restricting youngsters to a computing device.

Speaking to Fox News, Dr Dimitri Christakis of Seattle Children’s Hospital argues that an hour of use time should be sufficient for infants, and stressed that adults need to keep track of whether using tablets is impeding their child’s ability to interact with his surroundings.

“The single most important thing for children is time with parents and caregivers,” the doctor said. “Nothing is more important in terms of social development. If time with the tablet comes at the expense of that, that’s not good.”

A number of experiences cited by other professionals in the child development field also seem to conform to this theory.

“Babies and young children are spending huge amounts of time with screen media when really what they need is hands-on creative play, active time and face-to face time with the people that love them,” Susan Linn, the director of the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, stressed.

“The best toys are the ones that just lie there until the child transforms them…If all children do is push a button, that’s not the kind of play that promotes learning.” Linn added.


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