Steve Grove: Google+ is the Future of Google

1 Jan

Google+ may not have the kind of status enjoyed by social networking sites like Facebook, but it is seemingly catching up. Steve Grove, the leader in charge of managing partnership schemes at Google, revealed recently that the platform will eventually become an integral part of the company’s future services, and promised that its network community will soon grow big enough to attract the likes of celebrities, media channels, and business brands.

Below are a number of significant points mentioned by the Google+ manager in his recent interview with Livemint:

  • With the help of mobile computing, Google + will soon be able to integrate the services of Youtube, Google Play app store, and Google search, and allow the contents stored in one platform to show up in or be accessed from others; This will in effect present users the opportunity to have a more convenient, all-around experience*;
  • The Google+ partnership scheme, as before, will aim to attract more and more interesting people as the online community grows bigger; According to Grove, these will include such users as movie celebrities, sport stars, and various other noteworthy public figures;
  • Live videos, along with media sharing, will become a key staple of the Google + experience thanks to the growth of the internet giant’s video chatting service, Hangout; Grove describes the service as a “powerful video platform” that will potentially become very big, and claims that its broadcasting features will benefit from Google + the same way recorded video has benefited from Youtube.

*searching for certain kind of content on Youtube, for instance, might yield a variety relevant results from Google+ as well as Google search.

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