Study: iPhone Users Smarter than Other Smartphone Owners

3 Jan

An online test devised by Consumers Intelligence Research Partners found iPhone users to be more “intelligent” than other smartphone owners, The Daily Mail reports.

The experiment, branded as “Test of Wits,” consists of seven brain teasers designed to test a person’s problem solving skills, pattern recognition, and code cracking ability. All questions consists of four possible answer choices, and the average speed taken to complete each of them is recorded as the test progresses. A test taker would not be able to progress to the next series of questions until a correct answer has been selected.

The results: Apple smartphone owners, on average, took an estimated 94 seconds to complete the test, which is slightly more impressive than users of rival brands such as Samsung (103 seconds), Google (99 seconds), HTC (105 seconds), and Nokia (109 seconds). Blackberry’s smartphone users, on the whole, fared the least well compared to all the other smartphone owners, requiring a total of 118 seconds to answer the questions correctly.

As interesting as the above findings may be, not all market watchers are convinced that the results have any actual value. Tim Worstall, a contributing writer for Forbes, mentioned that the experimental survey was “fun” and “amusing,” but finds that it is relatively inaccurate when it comes to measuring actual intelligence.

“The way they’ve set the test up you don’t actually need to know the correct answers,” Worstall noted in his article. “[The] random guessing of the answers is likely to produce a faster speed than even bothering to read the questions is, let alone trying to think about the correct answer.”

Worstall concludes by stating that the study’s conclusions should not be taken too seriously unless “we want to think that iPhone users are simply better at poking random buttons until something happens than the rest of us are.”


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