Huawei Outlines Its Ambitious Goals at CES 2014

7 Jan

Huawei appears to have great plans for the future, and is apparently more than willing to share them with the CES 2014 audience. Upon unveiling its Ascend Mate 2, a revolutionary new smartphone that features two day battery life, Huawei announced that it will aim to ship more than 80 million handsets by the end of 2014, and confirmed its interest in expanding 4G/LTE technology.

The company’s development based goals, according to ZDNET’s Ryan Huang, are to improve its brand image, ramp up the investment in design, and attract more potential consumers through innovation. During the CES press conference, Huawei’s consumer executive, Richard Yu, also expressed a lot of interest in expanding the company’s presence in the United States.

More information on the Ascend Mate 2 can be seen here.

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